Original Minimal Techno music - Smart Engineer

Smart Engineer dedicated to the promotion of fashionable, high-quality electronic music.
Working mainly with the author's music, can give good promotion for the start.
The music, which is releasing by the label, is well suited for dance parties and you can also notice melodious tracks with a measured rhythm. Lovers of hard music also was given attention.
What makes you different from another label?
Concept / idea of label:

- The selection of music occur in strict mode and in manual mode / individually.
- Only high-quality music (solid sound, good stereo, good rhythm and track idea).
- Only Minimal Techno releases (possible in the future Techno House too).
- Only original Minimal Techno (adhering to style, no fakes, which can we can see now everywhere).
- Promotion of our musicians.
- Video distribution.
- All stores of the world.



full list of partners you can see here

If you are a musician and meet the requirements, then write to us (on English only) and leave a link to your demo on the google disc.
*And do not forget to write your biography.

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